Whats the right order for the slides in your pitch deck techcrunch

Whats the right order for the slides in your pitch deck techcrunch

Crafting a compelling pitch deck is crucial for any startup seeking recognition and investment. TechCrunch, a leading authority in the tech industry, demands a specific order for your slides. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of structuring your pitch deck to align with TechCrunch’s expectations, providing insights and tips to elevate your presentation.

The Fundamentals of a Winning Pitch Deck

1.The Opening Slide: Grabbing Attention from the Start

In the dynamic world of startups, capturing attention is paramount. The opening slide sets the tone for your pitch. Discover strategies to create an impactful first impression, ensuring your pitch stands out.

2.Problem Statement: Addressing the Pain Points

TechCrunch values startups that identify real-world problems. Learn how to articulate the problem your product or service solves, demonstrating a deep understanding of market needs.

3.Solution Slide: Presenting Your Innovative Fix

Highlight your solution effectively. Showcase your product or service, emphasizing its uniqueness. Learn how to communicate your solution in a way that resonates with TechCrunch’s discerning audience.

4.Market Opportunity: Showcasing the Potential

TechCrunch investors are interested in scalable ventures. Uncover the art of presenting a compelling market opportunity, illustrating the growth potential that excites investors.

5.Revenue Model: Making Financials Clear

TechCrunch seeks financially viable startups. Develop transparency in your revenue model. Understand how to present financial projections that instill confidence in potential investors.

6.Traction: Proving Your Concept’s Viability

Demonstrate momentum with tangible results. Whether it’s user numbers, partnerships, or sales figures, showcasing traction is key. Discover how to substantiate your startup’s viability in the eyes of TechCrunch.

7.Team Introduction: Highlighting Your Dream Team

Investors bet on the team as much as the idea. Learn to present your team effectively, emphasizing expertise and cohesion. Convince TechCrunch that your team is equipped for success.

8.Competitive Analysis: Knowing Your Landscape

TechCrunch values startups aware of their competition. Understand the importance of a robust competitive analysis. Showcase your market awareness and strategic positioning.

9.Marketing and Sales Strategy: Outlining Your Approach

A solid marketing and sales strategy is pivotal. Explore how to communicate your go-to-market plan effectively, illustrating how your startup plans to capture its share of the market.

10.Milestones: Charting Your Path to Success

TechCrunch investors want to see a roadmap to success. Present your milestones clearly, demonstrating a realistic trajectory and outlining achievements to date.

11.Investment Ask: Making Your Case

Concluding your pitch with a compelling investment ask is crucial. Learn to make a persuasive case for funding, aligning your needs with what TechCrunch investors are looking for.

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Whats the right order for the slides in your pitch deck techcrunch?

The TechCrunch Perspective: A Glimpse into Investor Expectations

Explore the specific elements that TechCrunch values in a pitch deck. Gain insights into their expectations, increasing your chances of securing their attention and support.

FAQs: Whats the right order for the slides in your pitch deck techcrunch

1.What makes TechCrunch different from other investors?

TechCrunch has a keen eye for innovative tech startups. They focus on disruptive solutions, scalability, and market awareness. Understanding these unique criteria can set you on the path to success.

2.How long should a pitch deck presentation be?

While there’s no strict rule, keeping it concise is key. Aim for 15-20 slides, ensuring each one adds significant value to your pitch without overwhelming investors.

3.Is it necessary to have a demo in the pitch deck?

Yes, a demo can be a powerful tool. It provides a tangible demonstration of your product or service, making your pitch more compelling and memorable.

4.What role does storytelling play in a pitch deck?

Storytelling humanizes your pitch, making it more relatable and engaging. TechCrunch appreciates a well-crafted narrative that communicates your startup’s journey and vision.

5.Should I tailor my pitch deck for different investors?

Absolutely. Customize your pitch deck for each investor, emphasizing aspects that align with their preferences and criteria. TechCrunch, in particular, values startups that demonstrate a tailored approach.

6.How can I make my pitch deck visually appealing?

Balance is key. Use visuals sparingly but effectively. Infographics, charts, and images can enhance understanding, but overcrowding your slides may dilute your message.


Mastering the art of crafting a pitch deck tailored for TechCrunch can be a game-changer for your startup. By strategically arranging your slides and addressing their specific expectations, you increase your chances of making a lasting impression. Follow this guide diligently, and you’ll be well on your way to securing the attention and investment your startup deserves