What are VELUX Blinds?

Blackout energy-efficient window blinds: Same quality blackouts as normal VELUX blackout window blinds, but up to 25% better insulation. VELUX Blackout Blinds blend perfectly into an open pane of glass and block out the sun, providing you with a low-light sleeping environment, day or night. 

Even better, VELUX Blinds can fit right into your manual VELUX window, since they are purely powered by the energy from the sun. If you would like the freedom of opening and closing the blinds or roller shutters at any point in a room, electrically driven VELUX blinds can be fitted onto a manual VELUX window using a VELUX KUX 110. If you would like to save some cash and opt for manual VELUX blinds, special-purpose, extendable control bars can assist in opening and closing taller installations, making sure that you have no restrictions on where you can install the windows. 

VELUX Blinds come in a range of sophisticated designs, built especially for your VELUX roof window, meeting the VELUX sizing codes, making installation fast and easy. VELUX Blinds give you that decorative flair in a way that fits like a glove on your slanted roof windows. Fabric blinds such as the VELUX Blinds are opulent in appearance and can transform your pitched roof window into an actual feature of the style.

The branded VELUX roller blinds range is available in an excellent selection of popular blackout fabrics. The ideal solution for your VELUX(r) windows, the high-quality, original-brand, blackout roller blinds are available online for next-working-day delivery. Thanks to VELUX Energy Saving Blind’s heat-trapping aluminium honeycomb construction, VELUX Energy Blackout Blinds improve your windows insulation by up to 26%, making your rooms extra warm.

VELUX rolling shutters come in an enormous range of colours, prints and patterns, so there is sure to be one that suits your room, and while they are not blackout, they still dim the light coming in through the windows on the roof. Come means that you can use Roller Blinds in pretty much every room of your house and never have to worry that it is going to be damaged.

In fact, valances help save you money on energy bills, particularly if used over a skylight. Single-pleated Velux window shades are made from one layer of fabric, which helps to diffuse the light while allowing it to filter back into the room. 

Fortunately, adding a solar shade blind to a Velux window helps minimise drawbacks while maximising the benefits of roof windows. Skylight windows are exciting and eye-catching, but they are equally as needing a great window blind as any other. This midnight blue window blind is made from a blackout cloth, so you can use it in bedrooms where you need a darker setting, such as living rooms, and dining rooms.