Paypal Casino: Deposits and Collections in complete safety and comfort

PayPal allows you to purchase goods, pay bills, use services and… play in online casinos in complete safety and simplicity. To pay money online, online casinos like Betflix offer a thousand services. In fact, there is a long list of payment methods. However, not always when you want to withdraw the money you have won, you are in a so-called advantageous position. Not for nothing, the proposed withdrawal methods are inferior.

Consequently, if there are between forty and fifty methods to be able to make a deposit, to cash out the money won, only the largest and most important paypal online casinos are able to offer a wide choice of methods of withdrawing winnings. In these casinos, in addition to their own PayPal, in fact, it is possible to use Click2pay and ClickandBuy, as well as WebMoney, Skrill (Moneybookers), but also the Visa Credit Card and Neteller. 

However, this very convenient method cannot be used to be able to go and collect the winnings.

It will be possible to receive payments in a certain, protected and rapid way, without being forced to reveal the card number to other subjects. Thanks to this easy and simple procedure, everyone has the right to play in the best casinos with PayPal without any risk.

One of the main advantages that you have with PayPal is the great speed and complete security with which you can upload and download your game account. It is no coincidence that this system has more than 120 million customers worldwide. PayPal is instantaneous and uses the best standards to guarantee and protect your data and your money.

For the transfer of figures that can be equal to or greater than 100 dollars, the operation is free.

Instead, for figures that are lower or equal to 99.99 dollars, a cost of one dollar will have to be calculated.

But how do you open a PayPal account?

PayPal, without many doubts, is certainly one of the most famous and used means of making payments online. It is almost certainly number one, considering that it is used to grant the possibility of making purchases on famous e-commerce sites such as eBay, as well as from various platforms of various online stores. Furthermore, it is also very comfortable and practical to be able to play safely at online casinos. Being able to open an account on PayPal is a very convenient and very simple procedure. If we add to this the fact that the procedure is totally free, it becomes very easy to understand why it has had such great success in the world of online gambling as well.

The first procedure to follow to go and activate a PayPal account is obviously the one that involves connecting to its site which is and, subsequently, registering. To register, simply click on the appropriate button where “Register” is written, which is located at the top left.

How to withdraw and deposit at the Casino with Paypal?

Once you’ve made sure you’re playing at a casino that uses this form of payment, it’s extremely easy to deposit your money. Equally fast and simple will be withdrawing your winnings. In fact, you will have to enter the e-mail address with which you registered on Paypal in order to withdraw the money. After about twenty-four hours, you will receive the sum, after which you will do what you want.