Cinema At Home: Tips For Organizing A Birthday Movie Session With Friends

Who says you must spend lots of money to have fun with your friends? Simple ideas, such as organizing a movie session with the group at home for a movie birthday party for example, can be a great way to save on tickets, socialize and have a good laugh.

1. First, make a list of films to make a movie at home that has something to do with your group. Maybe it’s a night of romantic comedies or those thrillers that no one wants to watch alone. Maybe you want to watch movies from a single director’s career or that addictive TV series. Put your ideas on paper and have the titles “on display” in your house.

2. With the list of movies, it’s time to send the invitation to friends. Either on Facebook or by email, it doesn’t matter; send them the list of movies showing so they can get excited about the idea. It’s always nice to start experiencing the program before it even starts.

3. Make sure all devices are working for the session. Have you ever thought if the DVD crashes just in time? Or is Chromecast not turning on? It doesn’t. When you live in a beach town, with all the sea air, TV, DVD and other devices tend to be damaged more quickly, sometimes even rust. So, know how to remove rust from clothes; removing rust from clothes is very easy.

4. How about a theme night? If you’re going to see the movie ‘ Sex and the City ‘, sipping a cosmopolitan can be even more fun. Now, if the night is going to be about Hitchcock classics, how about wearing more sixties looks for the session? Invent costumes, food, and drinks that are in tune with the theme of the chosen films.

5. As a courtesy, since you chose the movie playlist, let the girls choose the titles they want to watch first.

6. Whether it’s a DVD, internet download, NetFlix, or Popcorn time, make sure you have downloaded or reserved the movies you want for viewing in time.

7. Make easy snacks and drinks that don’t require much work. After all, you can’t stop the session to fry rice balls. Invest in microwave popcorn, frozen cheese bread, ice cream, and everything that doesn’t need a lot of preparation. If the theme requires a better menu elaboration, leave everything ready beforehand so it can be served on time. The same with cocktails: it’s worth leaving everything cut and pre-ready to be assembled quickly.

8- Take advantage of the intervals between films to catch up, even if just a little, and discuss what you saw. It’s always nice to share impressions about a movie with friends.