6 Tips For Your Laser Hair Removal Session

With the summer approaching, it is time to get permanent hair removal. It will ensure you feel more relaxed as you will not have to run around for your wax appointments. And with permanent hair removal, you will have extra time on your hands for other tasks. But unlike other hair removal methods, laser hair removal requires some preparation before the session.

Laser hair removal involves laser beams targeting the pigment located at the root of every follicle. By absorbing the light, lasers ensure that they destroy the hair follicles without any harmful effect on the surface of your skin. In addition, going through frequent hair removal sessions for a specific duration will help ensure the hair doesn’t grow back.

Below are the six tips you should follow before every hair removal session.

Avoid Waxing and Plucking

The laser hair removal process targets the rooms of the hair; thus, you should only pluck or wax your hair after the procedure. Moreover, it would be best if you tried to avoid waxing or plucking the area for at least four weeks before the first session. Finally, you can shave if you want, as it does not affect the root of your hair.

Experts often recommend shaving the area before the hair removal session as it will help in getting the best results. However, you will have to go through multiple sessions to ensure the permanent removal of hair. In addition, the sessions will be scheduled at an interval of around eight weeks. Thus, you should ensure that you do not use wax or pluck hair from where you get the laser treatment.

Shave The Region

It is advisable to shave the area being treated before 24 to 48 hours. Even though you cannot see hair from the naked eye, the laser will be able to target the pigment of the follicle in the hair root. Moreover, removing excess hair helps ensure that the chances of burns or other complications are less.

Ensure That There is Minimal Sun Exposure

Another critical thing you must remember before your laser treatment session is that your skin should not be exposed to the sun. Not only the sun, but you should also avoid exposure to tanning beds or self-tanners. It can result in discoloration of the skin after the treatment and can also result in sunburn. Moreover, you will suffer from excessive pain and blisters if exposed to the sun.

Stay Away from Bleach

The laser treatment involves targeting the roots of your hair. Besides, the hair pigment present in the root will absorb the laser beam resulting in its permanent destruction. But when you bleach your hair, the pigment changes, making it difficult for the beam to target your hair. Because of this, you should avoid bleaching for at least six weeks before the first session.

Discuss Your Medications

When consulting your laser treatment professional, you should give them details about all the medications you are consuming. Certain medications can intervene in the treatment and make it ineffective. Some medicines can also cause skin sensitivity, resulting in side effects from the treatment.

Remove Makeup Before the Session

You should also ensure that you obliterate your makeup before the session. Moreover, you should not apply any cream or lotion before the session. It can result in skin irritations and burns and make the treatment ineffective.

Final Thoughts

Removing hair permanently through laser treatment is complicated and requires a precise professional to conduct the session. Therefore, while you keep the above things in mind, you should also go for a certified cosmetic treatment provider with expertise in various procedures, including lip fillers, erbium resurfacing, dermal fillers, Botox treatment, micro-needling, and others. It shows that the professionals aim to provide best-in-class beauty therapies by qualified practitioners.