3 Genie Wishes Fun88 – A Gift from God

3 Genie Wishes Fun88 – The appearance of a new and unique Slot game from Pragmatic Play. This time, fans of Pragmatic Play will probably be excited about the new in-game building theme. The game will give you extremely attractive bonus spins representing 3 special wishes. So what are those wishes? Discover the mysterious reels in the game through Fun88 ‘s articles.

What’s new in 3 Genie Wishes Fun88?

Each theme in the Slot games from Pragmatic Play is built from many stories. Of course, the 3 Genie Wishes Fun88 is no exception when the topic this time is the image of the Arab country appearing.

Symbols such as Genie Aladdin, bandits, letters in a deck of cards, vibrant monkeys, eagles, etc. create impressive reels. Set in the middle of a desert kingdom that opens to players with beautiful spins. Combined with mysterious, attractive sound makes the game more interesting. 

Besides, the symbols all contain valuable payouts. You can reap double bonuses and free spins in your pocket. 

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Learn the paying symbols in 3 Genie Wishes Fun88

To better understand the game 3 Genie Wishes Fun88, you need to understand the redemption value of the symbols. At the same time is the use and power of many different symbols. In this game, there will be icons containing special features such as: 

  • WILD Symbol: The symbolic image is the Wild Genie. Except for SCATTER, WILD substitutes for all other symbols. The Genie’s positions are stacked and always appear on any reel during the spins. Particularly for Free Spins, Genie is not present on the reels.
  • SCATTER icon: The icon image is a golden kettle. During the game, SCATTER will not appear on reels 1, 3, 5. In which, these 3 scatter symbols will pay 1x the total bet. At the same time, they have the ability to trigger the Player Bonus Feature. Winnings in symbols will be added to the payout wins. 

In addition, the remaining symbols will be paid left to right on side-by-side reels starting from the leftmost reel. 

Fun88 3 Wish Bonus Feature

The way to trigger the 3 Wish Bonus Feature is when 3 SCATTER symbols appear on the reels. And this feature also does not allow Free Spins to be triggered. At the start, players can choose 1 of 3 items that will be awarded in 1 of 4 prizes as follows: 

  • Free Spins, Raining Wilds, and Sticky Wilds.
  • High Prizes: Rewards with a total bet amount of 10 – 500 times.
  • Side Prize: The bonus is worth 1x the total bet. 

Guide to betting and how to win in 3 Genie Wishes Fun88

For new players, the following instructions will help you create the Fun88 3 Genie Wishes game right away:

How to bet 

Initially, 3 Genie Wishes at Fun88 will give you an amount of money available to bet. This also helps you to try your best with the turns. However, if you lose all your money, you must deposit money into the bookie to continue playing.

The way to bet in the game is extremely simple. Players tap the (-) and (+) icons on either side of the Spin button. They are respectively for decreasing or increasing bets up to you. If you want to increase your bet, press the (+) sign until you like it, and vice versa with the (-) sign if you want to decrease it.

How to win

After each Spin, the same symbol combinations located next to each other will explode. At that time, the player will receive the bonus amount corresponding to the payout value of the symbol. The Tumble feature appears and causes those icons to disappear and be replaced by other symbols. Otherwise, if no symbols explode, the player will continue the spin with new substitute symbols.

Winnings will be added to the total winnings displayed directly on the screen. The Fun88 3 Genie Wishes game has a theoretical RTP of 95.53%. 

Some important notes when playing Slot 3 Wish game

Playing Slot games is simple and depends a lot on luck. However, you still need to pay attention to a few things below to have a higher explosion rate and avoid losing too much of your bet.

  • Spin Speed​​: Many players often lose control in the spin of the Slot. There is often a way to play continuously and this is very easy to lose your capital. So, when starting out, keep a slow rotation speed and gradually adjust the speed accordingly. 
  • Play psychology: Most of the pot spins happen quickly and constantly replace new symbols. Players often lose their composure when no symbols explode. This makes you play according to your emotions and not carefully calculated. As a result, the bet will also gradually disappear easily. Therefore, players should really pay attention to their playing psychology to have a more effective way of playing. 

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FAQs about playing the 3 Genie Wishes slot game at Fun88

Q: How many paylines does the 3 Genie Wishes slot game at Fun88 have?

A: The 3 Genie wishes slot game has 20 paylines.

Q: What is the theoretical RTP of the 3 Genie Wishes slot game at Fun88?

A: The theoretical RTP of the 3 Genie Wishes slot game at Fun88 is 95.53%.

Q: What is the minimum bet amount in the 3 Genie Wishes Slot Game at Fun88?

A: The minimum bet amount in the 3 Genie Wishes Slot Game at Fun88 is 0.2 coins per spin.


Once you have mastered the information about the game Slot 3 Genie Wishes Fun88, hope that you are confident with the attractive spins. The opportunity to try playing games at the Fun88 bookie is very easy. God-given wishes will be super valuable gifts that you should not miss.